Liquid applied roofing systems

Liquid waterproofing systems are chemical compounds for surface applications which quickly dry to form a Liquid Applied Roofing Systemssolid waterproof membrane. They are long term waterproofing and weatherproofing systems for the refurbishment of existing roof surfaces, and also have excellent solar reflection properties. Applications can be undertaken throughout the year, including an emergency repair system, which can even be used below water!

The coatings are micro-porous, seamless and flexible which allows moisture to evaporate from the substrate. They can be installed cold and are typically applied by brush or roller, meaning hot work permits are not required. Our coatings are approved to British Board of Agreement Certification standards.

The system is particularly suitable for locations where more traditional systems would not be considered due to access difficulties, or an abundance of equipment, owing to its simple application.

We apply structural waterproofing coatings direct to concreate, for ‘green’ roof application methods.

Full roof applications to

•    asphalt
•    felt
•    single ply membranes
•    copper, zinc & lead surfaces
•   concrete

Repair areas to

•    gutters
•    joints
•    seams
•    glazed roof lights;
•    upstands and flashings