Dust free cleaning & surface preparation

Our dust-free surface preparation systems are suitable for a wide range of tasks in a multitude of environments. We offer two systems: Blast N’Vac and Sat Blast.Dust Free Cleaning Floor Blasting
Both systems are dust-free and environmentally conscious solutions that utilise either air or water and an abrasive, cleaning without the use of chemicals.

Blast N’Vac Surface Preparation System

Blast N’Vac is a hand held surface preparation system using vacuum blasting technology. It is ideal for removing old floor coatings, dirt, paint, toxic coatings, for example, from a multitude of substrates including concrete, brickwork, steel and timber.

The quiet, dust free operation (all abrasive, dust and residue is recovered) means the system can also be used in sensitive areas such as hospitals. The surface head can be situated up to 50 meters away from the compressor.

  • Dust free environment
  • No mess
  • No clearing-up
  • Works both horizontally and vertically
  • 100% air powered - as easy to use on any site
  • Recovers abrasive and residue as you blast
  • Zero contamination
  • Enables continuous blasting in confined areas
  • Selection of head sizes to suit each application
  • Reliable - no moving parts

Sat Blast Surface Preparation System

Sat Blast is a competitively-priced, fully-saturated abrasive blast cleaning system, which eliminates airborne dust and avoids the use of toxic chemicals. It minimises environmental impact with its dust free operation and minimal water consumption. The system is fully portable, and suitable for one-man operation.  Sat Blast also offers a fully adjustable media flow, with damp abrasive and optional rust inhibitor and washdown facility.

  • Low water volume.  Blasts with a mist not a water jet. Operates with a fixed fill of water and abrasive (no constant water supply required, and no water pump to balance and maintain).
  • Fully adjustable operating pressures from 5 to 115 PSI and can work at VERY LOW PRESSURE on stone, brick and concrete, avoiding water ingress into cracks and crevices. This offers a gentle but abrasive cleaning power, in a dust free, fully saturated solution. Can also be operated at HIGH PRESSURE for powerful cleaning and/or to provide a key on concrete or steel.
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly: Fully-saturated operation can reduce abrasive consumption and give improved production rates. Dust free operation protects your operatives and passers by from dust inhalation. No dry dust ingress into adjoining properties. Operator is able to work without cumbersome ancillary equipment.
  • Multi-surface application: Suitable for use on steel, concrete, stone, brick, timber and fibreglass. The Sat Blast operates with a full range of nozzle sizes and is powered by compressed air - requirement varies with nozzle size.